We make every effort to recycle as much as possible from a renovation project.  Our goal is to minimize the waste that ends up in landfills. Here are a few examples..

- Many project items come in cardboard boxes, from kitchen cupboards to bathroom accessories. All this cardboard is saved and deposited into city recycling bins.

- Unused or old supplies, e.g., paint, stain, or varnish, are taken to the city dump and the drop off area specifically for these items.

- A customer may be upgrading specific items and does not want the older ones, e.g., sinks, light fixtures, toilets, fridges, bathtubs, etc.  If these items are still in good condition, they will be dropped off at different locations in Calgary that take reusable items.  Miscellaneous items are donated to recognizable charities in Calgary.

- Materials not used on one job site are kept and used at another, e.g., pieces of drywall.  Even small pieces of cut lumber are used for firewood.


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