Ecologic Painting & Home Improvements Inc. is more than a painting company. Many businesses will specialize in one particular area within the home improvement industry, e.g., painting. However, our speciality is the ability to complete a variety of jobs, allowing the oversight of the entire job. Your project can start and finish all with one company.

Ecologic Painting & Home Improvements Inc. also understands that scheduling a project yourself can be both overwhelming and also frustrating. When a customer hires us to complete a project in their home, we are dedicated to that completion. We want to provide a service to you that comes with as few headaches as possible. Services included, but not limited to, are as follows:

- Complete estimates that outline, in detail, all the work to be performed.
- Organize and set up delivery of materials, including being on site for delivery of materials.
- Oversee work schedules. i.e., timeline of project.
- Provide daily site supervision.
- Coordinate and provide project management.
- Design drawings that can help define your project.
- Complete any required permit drawings (development or building).
- Work with governing body, i.e., city development office regarding any related building codes or standards.
- Apply for permit, including pick-up and drop-off of drawings and permit.
- Coordinate inspections with development office of city or town.
- Warranty or guarantee our work. If anything happens within the first year of a project, we will repair at no cost to our customer.

Celebrating over 40 years of owner experience in the industry.

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