A couple was experiencing excessive noise travelling through the common wall shared with their neighbour. Another customer needed to reduce the sounds coming from the floor above in her condo complex. And, another client wanted to convert his basement to a music studio but needed to reduce the sounds that might travel to the rental space above.

Each soundproofing project is unique and needs to be addressed individually. Through research of materials available, we are able to provide options to the customer that best suits their situation. For example, after extensive research regarding soundproofing construction for a basement, we completed the soundproof music studio on the lower levels of a four-level split home with the top two floors as a rental unit. The customer was extremely happy with the results. The decibel readings were greatly reduced from the demolition phase to completion.

Due to the special nature of this type of work, Ecologic does require a deposit to cover the time required to research your project. However, if you do decide to proceed, the deposit will be used towards your project.

Comments from the customer:
Ecologic Painting & Home Improvements did a basement renovation for my music teaching studio which involved soundproofing of walls, ceiling, and ducts. I can say that they did outstanding work and the finished product is better than what I expected. They were very approachable concerning helping me to understand what they were doing and how they were going about getting it done. Their work is meticulous and very refined. They will do all of my renovation or building needs in the future. Ecologic will not disappoint you.    - Paul, Mainstream Music, Calgary        


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